Pieces of Me

April 16, 2009

Throughout the upcoming weeks, I’ll be continuously adding writing, editing and design samples of works I’ve completed over the last three years. I must say, the idea of having my own personal online space to show off how I’ve grown as a person and professional is an exciting opportunity for me. I hope you’ll find the pieces a reflection of both my personal and professional style. I’ve had wonderful learning experiences through each piece and hope that my online presence reflects an additional portfolio piece in itself. Stay tuned and prepare to be dazzled.


Welcome to My Life…

April 9, 2009

Soon enough this page will be full of my wisdom and insight.

It will be a few weeks before it gets to that point. I’m still taking in all of this “social media” stuff, but don’t worry, I’ll be an expert in no time.

Until then, check me out on Twitter and Facebook, more coming soon…